Welcome Home

Welcome Home Cinderland EcoVillage

Cinderland is an ecovillage and intentional community located on the Big Island of Hawaii. We provide a peaceful meeting place for artists, musicians, gardeners, cooks, and Yoga practitioners who wish to enjoy a self-sustainable lifestyle. Celebrating our 17th year!

We invite guests to come and learn about permaculture techniques and enjoy our three-acre tropical food forest. Every week we have a community event called Taco Tuesdays. Come and enjoy a vegan meal with ingredients fresh from our gardens while listening to our live drum circle. Family friendly and alcohol-free, it’s the best thing happening for miles around.

We provide a comfortable balance between living in the jungle and the basic necessities of home. Surrounded by greenery and fruit trees our structures are covered with massive tarps that offer ample protection from the elements. Our year round weather ranges from 75F to 88F (24C to 31C) with intermittent rain. Our oasis is a 9-mile drive from the nearest town of Pāhoa.

We have a beautiful Yoga studio, our largest structure here at Cinderland. Many of our guests contribute their skills like Reiki and Amazonian breathwork and we have Yoga classes daily at 10 am.

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Cinderland is close to many natural attractions and vibrant communities. The Big Island of Hawaii is truly unique and living in an ecovillage makes it even more so. Giving back to the land and living in harmony with oneself and nature is bar-none.