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Cinderland EcoVillage Come and Visit us

Cinderland is a place for learning, contemplation, education, unity, healing and self-sustainability. Come and visit us!  After experiencing life in the jungle under the sun and stars you will be forever changed. Thank you for your interest in our paradise! We would love to show you how to live in harmony with the land, yourself and the rest of nature!

Every single guest and visitor has something worthwhile to contribute to the community and the world.  There are many ways to contribute to the growth of Cinderland. There is always a need for handyman type skills such as carpentry, mechanics, plumbing, and landscaping, as well as housekeeping, gardening, and other labor contributions. If you have a special skill, tell us. We will use your talents where we can!

We are an intentional community and collective economy, and, as such, we ask a reasonable donation in comparison with your choice of lodging.  Your donation covers basic operational costs like propane, water, and electricity systems maintenance.  In addition, we ask a minimum of five hours of participation per week per guest and resident in community chores to maintain and grow both our living areas and our sense of community.

Respecting yourself and others are paramount for our EcoVillage to function at optimum levels for both our residents and visitors. It is with the greater good of our community as a whole in mind that we ask you to abstain from heavy drinking and hard drugs in our camp. This is something we ask, not in a manner of judgment, but with the safety of our children and our sense of peace and neutrality in mind.  We reserve the right to refuse or remove anyone who chooses to disregard the guidelines or disrespect the land or other community members.

Community Guidelines

Cinderland quiet time is 10 pm – 9 am.
Pee on a tree and poo in our odor-free compostable toilets.
We are a clothing optional community.
No dogs are allowed on the property.
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Where to Stay

Our dorms and campsites are underneath massive tarps to protect you from the sun and rain. We will provide you with bed linen and a storage locker if you choose a dorm. If you decide to stay in our campsite you will need to bring your own bedding and tent.  There is filtered drinking and shower water, cooking gas and electricity in the evenings for all our guests (after our solar power has recharged).

How to Enjoy Our Gardens

Everyone who stays here may enjoy fruits and vegetables from our gardens. Please pick a fruit or veggie only if it’s ready! Pineapples must not be picked unless asking a staff member beforehand. Most people will need to supplement their dietary needs with food shopping in Pāhoa which is about 9 miles away. We encourage you to cook for yourselves. Share if you feel like it, many people do.


We do not have WiFi here at Cinderland. It contributes to our serenity and helps us to focus on tasks at hand like healing ourselves or learning about permaculture. Phones can be charged in a few areas around camp. Our charging stations cannot power laptops. Solar generators or battery packs are advisable as sometimes we have limited power and its good to have backup.


Our dorms have kitchens fitted with propane stoves and food safes. Only the Zen Den Dorm can be used to cook meat, everywhere else is vegetarian.


You can use the nearest laundromat in the town of Pāhoa at Suds ‘n Duds on Government Rd. They are open daily from 7:30 am – 7:30 pm.

Essential Packing List

First Aid Kit
Rubber Gloves
Headlamp, Flashlight
Tarp or Rain-fly (for tent campers)
Rubber Boots
Hiking Boots
Flip Flops
Water Bottle
Reusable Cup
Reusable Grocery Bag
Snorkeling Gear
Bathing Suit
Essential Oils i.e. lemongrass, tea tree, lavender
Clothing made of natural materials i.e. silk, wool, cotton, hemp

Things to Consider Living in the Jungle

Staph infections
Rat Lungworm