Vision for Water

On the property we have a 16,000 gallon covered corrugated steel water tank with brand new food grade vinyl lining. We have a 2,800 square feet of tarp surface catchment system moving rainwater into the steel tank. We provide a 21st century U.V. light water filtration system running, piped, water to all of the camps. On the other side of the property we have an additional 2,500 gallon opened corrugated steel water tank, with 1,296 sq feet of nearby tarp filling it with rain water. This tank contains fish that create a moss based ecosystem that is used to water the community gardens. We have a 440 gallon water tank that we made from 8, 50 gallon plastic drums for hauling in water from the county when it doesn’t rain. We also have 4, 55 gallon plastic barrels on an elevated oak pallet stand to provide gravity fed irrigation water for 4 clear covered community grow boxes. Our vision is to catch rainwater from all of our tarp shelters into a combination of above ground oak pallet constructed water tanks strapped together with ratchets, and lined with food grade water tank liners for storing rainwater and below ground using ferro cement ponds with edible fish and aquatic plants. We also envision installing a few more elevated plastic drum barrel systems for gravity fed running water system.