Vision for Food

We have taken remote harsh lava lot and have turned it into a lush tropical fruit forest paradise of mostly nutritionally dense fruits. Throughout the property you will find coconut trees, avocado trees, jackfruit, breadfruit, cacao, soursop, abius, egg fruit, rulenelas, and numerous citrus trees that dominate the landscape. We also have an abundance of banana and papaya trees, and various other tropical fruits. We have a long strip of fertile soil along Cinder Road where our community gardens reside. White pineapples, papaya trees, baby tomatoes, and a variety of perennials and annuals that bloom throughout the year. We have a tarp covered nursery where we grow and start annuals with a drip irrigation system. We compost all of our organic waste and use it for fertilizers and forage locally for the foods that we don’t have readily available on the property. We are continuously expanding the fruit forest along both sides of Cinder Road. Across the road on Kalaia’s property and behind our property on conservation land, we are growing lilikois along the ironwood forest. We are currently implementing a large chicken coop structure underneath a shaded provided by fruit trees and inside the largest circular drive way we have on the property. The coop will be made from 3/4 inch PVC pipe, 1/2 inch flexible rebar foundation posts, several layers of chicken wire, and partially covered with a duraflex black and white woven polyurethane industrial grade tarp for shade and additional water catchment. . We also intend to add a fish pond in the dormitory area. A previous project here laid the groundwork to make this possible. Ambitiously, we would also like to add a turkey, peacock, dwarf pygmy pig, and pygmy goat to our jungle family.