Vision for Energy

We have a centralized solar tower that provides solar energy to half of the village and three smaller solar systems providing solar power to private camps, yoga studio, and dorms. We also have one small twelve-volt solar system that provides solar energy for other dorms. We have a solar oven, dehydrator, and a freezer. The vision is to transition from lead and acid based batteries with 21st-century nano carbon deep cycle and/or lithium ion batteries.

Through this process, we expect to double the amount of solar power we currently produce. We will build a bio-mass digester to produce methane for cooking and heating.  We will be installing hot water solar heaters for the community hot showers,  and we will be getting a twelve-volt energy efficient solar refrigerator.

Another goal of ours is to install enough hot water solar heaters to supply all of the community showers with hot water. Eventually, we intend to also provide all of the private camps and dorms with hot running sink water on a consistent basis.

Community Update: Over the next month, our female-only dorm will have a hot water solar heater installed. This addition moves Cinderland one step closer to sustainability, our goal.