Community Guidelines

Cinderland Quiet Time is 10 pm – 9 am

Be observant of Community Kitchen rules

  1. Only vegetarian food may be cooked using shared pots, pans, and utensils.
  2. Wash all utensils immediately and disinfect surfaces.
  3. Take immediate care of items for composting and recycling.
  4. Sweeping, scrubbing, disinfecting as needed.
  5. Smoking tobacco only by the fire pit.

Respect our Yoga Studio

  1. Everyone is encouraged to practice yoga or any other spiritual or body-benefiting activity in a group or by themselves.
  2. Please leave shoes and food outside.
  3. Keep all possessions in a tidy, compact fashion.
  4. Please be quiet in and around the studio.
  5. Do not smoke in or around the studio.

Our Yoga Studio may be rented out for specific practices, activities, and meetings.

Upkeep the established ways of each Dorm

  1. Get along with everyone.
  2. Respect all pre-existing rules, unless changing them with democratic consent.
  3. Playing music only during acceptable times.
  4. Be tidy and healthy.
  5. Wearing/not wearing shoes, clothes inside.
  6. Drinking, smoking, burning incense according to Dorm’s rules.

Be mindful to the ways of our Tool Shed

  1. Use tools and return them promptly after use.
  2. Leave tools clean or in good repair and exactly where you found them.
  3. Take full responsibility for the tool while using it.
  4. Using only tools you know how to use and only for its purpose.
  5. Never leave any tool in the rain or on the ground.
  6. Place depleted batteries to be recharged.

On the use of our composting toilets

  1. Never pee into toilets, urine does not compost well.
  2. Always cover your poop with a scoop of sawdust.
  3. Never throw wipes, tampons, or pads into the toilet.
  4. If didn’t come through your body – it doesn’t belong in our potty!
  5. Never leave the lid open.
  6. Always make sure the sawdust bucket has sawdust for next person.
  7. Never leave the toilet dirty. Never leave personal possessions.
  8. Always wash hands afterward, it’s mandatory.

Sorting and recycling garbage

Please use corresponding bins for garbage type. Metal, paper, and plastic should be separated. There are composting bins in every kitchen.

Enjoy the fruits and veggies of our gardens and greenhouse

You may harvest anything as long as you understand the instructions of what constitutes a ripe fruit or vegetable. Please tend to our farm most conscientiously so as not to hurt the wonderful plants.