Cinderland Yoga Studio

Cinderland Yoga Studio EcoVillage Love

The Cinderland Yoga Studio is large and airy. Lava rocks jut into the space incorporating nature with function. We have an Aerial Yoga swing and a workout machine. Many people donate their time teaching classes such as Amazonian breath work, tribal dance, and Reiki. You may volunteer to share your skills and organize a class time at our Monday community meeting.

Yoga Studio Guidelines

  1. Daily Yoga classes begin at 10 am
  2. Bring a towel or mat.
  3. You may meditate or do bodywork throughout the day.
  4. Be respectful of your neighbors, some may be keeping silence as their practice.
  5. Do not smoke or speak loudly around the studio.
  6. Please leave your shoes at the door.
  7. Please take all of your belongings with you.
  8. Clothing is optional.