About Us

Cinderland EcoVillage About Us

Our intentional community is a place for contemplation, education, unity, healing and self-sustainability. We encourage a shared economy and provide a neutral atmosphere to vitalize self-expression.

Cinderland is a three-acre tropical food farm situated in a Hawaiian ecovillage. Members add credence to the land by accepting partnership through permaculture and accountability. Living off-grid, we thrive in sharing our knowledge of complete independence in harmony with nature.


Our vision is a world where everyone lives in ecological harmony. Cinderland’s mission to build a self-sustaining community started from barren land and minimal funding. Beginning with a dream along with many compassionate helping hands we’ve sustained ourselves into our 17th year! We are proud to be an example of how anyone can build an ecovillage homestead like ours.


Looking at all the fruit trees in Cinderland it is hard to imagine the land was once barren in 2000. When a few adventurous souls decided to live self-sustainably, off the grid, and grow food, they settled on a three-acre lot in the middle of a stripped cinder field in Kapoho. Cinderland was truly a no man’s land where nothing grew but a patch of hardy weeds.

Armed with strong wills they set out to build structures, gardens, rain water catchments, self-composting toilets, solar power, dry food storage, a kitchen and running water. They brought in hundreds of truckloads of cinder, dirt, macadamia nut compost, manure, green waste. By planting lots of Wiliwili trees they fixed the nitrogen in soil and began transforming the wasteland into what it is today, a veritable, organic, edible forest.

Within a few years, more tarps were stretched, more living spaces created, vegetable and spice gardens planted, panels and batteries added to the electrical grid, and more and more people come to stay and learn how to live free and off the grid.

Jezus, our founder, lives here with his son Nandi in Cinderland. He is very knowledgeable in gardening, constructing shelters, permaculture, self-sustainability, intentional communities, and all things Hawaii. A passionate visionary with a life dream of empowering people to live sustainably off their own land, Jezus embodies all that is good in the world.